Making the turnstiles spin

Chicago is a sports town. One filled with Bulls, Bears, Blackhawks and the crosstown boys of summer. What about NASCAR? Well … why not? Chicagoans are open to having fun. With attendance trends waning for the sport, Chicagoland Speedway turned to us for ideas on expanding their audience, and we delivered by drawing in families and country music fans to have one last summer blast to remember.

Delivering an icon’s gift to Chicago

Visiting the Garden of the Phoenix in Chicago’s Jackson Park, Yoko Ono immediately recognized the parallels between her life and the turbulence within the overarching Japanese-American narrative which began in that very location over a 100 years prior. As she reflected on her own life while seeing the sky meet Lake Michigan in distance, the vision for SKYLANDING was born. Only her 2nd permanent installation in the world (the first being the imagine peace tower in Iceland), this work of public art was intended to symbolize lasting peace between disparate cultures as the sky would come to heal the earth. In conjunction with our partner Project120, SKYLANDING was unveiled in the fall of 2015 and we were privileged with the opportunity to share it with the world

Transforming the conference experience

The world’s most notable brands sharpen their human resources and intellectual capital at Q Center, one of the largest dedicated conference centers in North America. Equipped with industry-leading facilities and staff, Q Center helps meetings transcend the expected. The goal — inspire groups to achieve great things. Q Center has dedicated every inch of their 95-acre campus to create transformative experiences for their global clients. Since 2012, envisionit has helped Q Center represent the sophistication and breadth of its approach to B2B audiences.